Sponsor Students with Add On Monies

As in years past, our youth have canvassed our business and community to establish a buyer base and relationships. However, the Covid outbreak has cancelled the opportunity for our local youth ranchers to collect add-on money that was traditionally provided to them.


By completing the form below with the help of a Student, Advisor or Superintendent listed under the “Purchase a Youth Ranchers Animal”, you will be pledging a flat amount to help offset significantly reduced livestock market prices.


This is the perfect opportunity to donate directly to an individual youth. This transaction will pass through the Lane Youth Livestock Auction Account.  The “Add on Form” will need to be completed for each student you wish to help and funds must be received by July 15, 2020.

Mail to:

Ehlers Construction Co
c/o Max Hansen
1085 Madera Ave #A
Eugene, OR 97402

Drop off at:

Wyatt’s Tire Co
c/o Julie Morris
390 W 11th
Eugene, OR 97401

Download the Printable Form


Complete No later than July 15, 2020

Make Checks Payable to Lane County Youth Auction